How to Buy and Sell Cars: Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog………..

I guess the idea of this site, from my point of view anyway, is to create a valuable source of information for people like me and you learn how to make money from home from flipping cars.

I’ve never done anything like this before…. And when I say this I mean putting an effort into a piece of writing,

I say this now to give you some fair warning! Im not particularly talented at this by any means…..

However maybe I don’t need to be?

I’ll give you some fair warning though, this is something that will take a little bit of to sell my car

Only a bit though (I hope), as I should tell you now….

I’ve always thought of myself as being quite a lazy person………..

I hate even admitting that but it’s the truth unfortunately………..


This site is aimed at sharing valuable information I’ve learnt through experience and research.

Ill also aim to share any tips, tricks and tools I use along the way.

Personally, I’m not a professions car dealer. I don’t own a showroom or work within this sector, Im just interested in selling cars for profit to make a bit of extra money on the side….

As I’m sure everyone is……

A bit about me? I am a finance grad from Manchester, England. I was always interested in selling some sort of commodity on the side but never felt like selling things for a fiver to maybe make a pound or so per item, I’d have to sell soooo much to make any real money! What a waste of time.

Instead my thinking was, if I can buy something for £1000 and sell it for 1500, then I’m happy.

One sale, no faffing about, and on to the next.

Of course it better if you have more to invest, but the truth is, you don’t need much. I’d say as little as £300 will get you an old car, prep it properly and you could potentially double your money.

However, the how, is what I’m hoping to lay out for you.

I’ll attempt to show you what to look out for, how to research, haggle, buy, sell and all whilst keeping within the law…….most of the time!! (Just kidding).

Anyway let’s get started!

Hope you enjoy the ride!



Author: Bayda Natik

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